Oval Homes has a constantly changing programme of improvements to its product that has brought about the quality and character present in today’s Oval Homes.
However, unlike our purchasers, who are surprised at the quality and character of their new home, we are not satisfied.

We agree with our customers that the natural materials, such as natural stone, clay bricks, clay tiles and slates, makes Oval Homes blend with their environment and gives an unusual quality and character for a brand new home.
We can’t argue either, that the quality of internal specification of all Oval Homes is outstanding compared to a number of our competitors. The quality range of built in wardrobes, the fitted bathroom furniture, the fully fitted kitchens with all appliances
(built in and integrated) the burglar alarms, the satellite wiring, the heated towel rails… the list goes on.

So why are we not satisfied? We at Oval Homes are on a mission!
It is our quest to add sustainability to our list of attributes!
We aim, within 10 years, to be producing homes that are totally self sufficient. We don’t believe in token gestures and we don’t believe that all the answers exist today to achieve our goal, but we are actively reviewing research from available products such as solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting and many other products and when we are happy that the products are capable of providing the answers we seek, they will become a standard feature of every Oval home.

Green is not hip and trendy in our opinion, it is essential to the preservation of so many things on this earth!
So our mission is to play our part in the preservation of our planet and make our homes totally self sufficient.
We hope if smaller developers like ourselves take on global warming our larger competitors will also see fit to take on the challenge!
We will post regular up-dates on our website of the progress we are making in our quest, so watch this space!